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Law of Attraction: How it Works

Recently, social media sites has been bombarded with numerous posts and videos from various people sharing and telling their success stories — a fresh college grad landing his dream job, an OFW wiggling his keys to his newly-bought luxury house, a single mom who successfully opens up a new business. While it’s refreshing and inspiring to see their stories, have you ever wondered, how did they manage to achieve all of that?

Well, there is one key ingredient that’s present in all of these and other more success stories. And what is that, you may ask?

The Law of Attraction.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is a form of philosophy wherein everyone has the ability to attract anything they put their energy and attention into. Its principle is very simple: like attracts like and thoughts will somehow manifest into reality. So, when you think about positive things, good news and blessings will come your way. On the flip side, if you only focus thinking on the negative, negative things will also happen in your real life.

What is the History of Law of Attraction?

The belief in LOA (short for Law of Attraction, of course) is thought to be initiated and passed on to humankind by the great Buddha a hundred of years ago. LOA traces down its roots from his teaching that ‘what you have become is what you have thought.’ This view had widely spread into the western culture and thus giving birth to the term ‘karma.’

The LOA view is also found to be present in the teachings of various religious groups and organizations for over centuries.

What are the Principles of Law of Attraction?

Believers suggests that there are central universal principles that constitutes the LOA which are:

· Like attracts like.

As mentioned earlier, it is the basic and most simple principle of LOA. Positive thoughts attracts positive things and negative thoughts will only bring dark clouds looming over your head. This principle also suggests that people tend to attract other universal beings who are similar to them. So if you are wondering why you are surrounded with negative people, it’s probably the product of your negative thinking.

· Nature abhors a vacuum.

Ever wonder why decluttering brings such comfort and breather? Well, it’s simply because removing your space from any unwanted trash or litter will make room for personal work and stuff. Same thing goes with your mind. If you free your mind from negative thoughts, you will make space for positive ideas to come in.

There is no such things as an ‘empty space’ in this universe. It is either can only be filled with negative or positive energy. Always make sure you fill your spaces with positive ones.

· The present is always perfect.

No matter how bad the present you have may seem, there will always be ways to turn that around. This principle states that instead of feeling the gloom of the present, focus your attention in finding ways to make out the best in your current state.

What are Some Law of Attraction Techniques?

Now that you’ve got then thought of Law of Attraction engraved in your mind, it’s time to manifest those thoughts into action. Try these methods to get that LOA gears move in your favor.

· Writing a journal — writing a journal will help you organize your thoughts better and identify your thought patterns — are you more of an optimistic or a pessimistic one?

· Creating a mood board — putting up mood boards in your study area or workspace will help you set and maintain positive thinking, stay motivated and focused.

· Practice Acceptance — Learn to accept that there are some things that may be out of your control and there are things that cannot be changed. Instead of wallowing into these circumstances, learn to accept things on how they are and continue striving to be the best version of yourself.

· Practice positive self-talk — Sometimes all you need is some words of affirmation to let you know you are still on the right track. Try not to be hard and over critical of yourself and learn to appreciate your self, even with the small wins that you achieve. This moments of appreciation and positive self-talks will cultivate a healthy, positive mind.

What are the Law of Attraction Examples?

Money and Financial Success

Manifest money and wealth by taking most of your time thinking about money, but not in the name of greed or vanity. Simply wish for and envision the exact amount you want to achieve and when. For instance, simply believe that your salary will double by the end of the year, and very much it will.

Watching videos and reading books about wealth building, healthy spending tips, finance management and the like will also help manifest your goal in no time.

Love and Relationship

Of course you can harness the power of LOA to attract a potential partner in life. If you want to meet the love of your life, then be the type of love you want to attract!

As the saying goes, love other people with the way you want to be loved. Be generous in sending love and expressing appreciation to those who are around you. The more love vibrations you create, the stronger the signal you are giving the universe into giving you power to attract your one true love!

Success in Life

We all have our own definitions of success and own ways to achieve it. With a little help from LOA, you can achieve whatever your goals in your life may be. Visualizing your goals on a daily basis will give you a clearer picture on where you are truly headed. Focus your mind and energy to that picture and in no time, you’ll see that image in your head coming into life!

Meditation and Law of Attraction

Meditation impacts greatly on your manifestation of Law of Attraction as it directs your way of thinking and lets you remain into the right mindset to achieve whatever you want.

Follow these simple steps in how to do proper meditation.

Step 1: Relax

Find a quiet place — it could be your own room, the terrace or any space that is free from any disturbances. You can also set up the mood or atmosphere by lighting up scented candles or putting calm and relaxing music. Experiment on different meditation positions and find which the best and most comfortable for you.

Step 2: Focus

Concentrate on your breathing; take deep breathes through your nose and out your mouth. Take note on how your chest falls and rises while driving away any intrusive thoughts. Count at least 20 inhalations or longer until you become completely focused.

Remember that it is completely normal to get distracted while doing breathing exercises, especially when you are new to meditation. Don’t be too hard on yourself as this just a part of the learning process.

Step 3: Open Your Heart

You can repeatedly chant phrases that will make you ‘open’ your heart to all possibilities and opportunities you can achieve. It doesn’t matter what phrases they are as long as you feel empowered and positive. You can also envision in your mind a heart opening, with a glowing light at your core.

Step 4: Visualize Your Desires

Now it’s time to get that creative mind and imagination moving. Paint in your mind a clear, intricate picture of what you want to achieve. If it’s a manifestation about love, you can think of a specific person holding your and such. If it’s financial wealth, picture paper bills and the exact amount and the like.

Step 5: Embrace Your Gratitude

Next, think of the reasons why you feel grateful about your life — family, friends, your pet, your job, anything. Think about the blessings come into your way and focus on the gratitude you felt. This is a good boost when you are feeling low or unmotivated in your daily life but is also an effective part in meditation.

Step 6: Manifest

Last, open your eyes and reflect on your newly-created perspective. Make sure to take practical steps to slowly achieve what you are trying to manifest. LOA experts have this thing called ‘living as if,’ meaning you are living your daily life as if you already have what you have wished for. These small moves will soon cultivate into the very thing you wanted to attract.

Now that you have it, start utilizing the power of Law of Attraction and get the all the best things in life! But take note of this equation, manifesting + hard work = success!



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