Under the Kitchen Sink Storage Hacks You Need to Try Now!

Next to the living room, the kitchen is probably the second area that receives the most traffic. And if you’re an avid cook or baker, you certainly spend most of your free time baking or cooking something up.

And with all these cooking and baking comes a lot of tools, utensils, equipment, and other gadgets that fill up your storage drawers and cabinets up to the brim. And since they occupy the majority of your kitchen storage, you are now wondering where to put the other supplies and unconventional items.

There’s one place in your kitchen that will solve all of your storage dilemmas. Today, we will be looking at some genius hacks on how to use the space under your sink!

Make or Add a Sliding Shelf System

Make sure to put the heavy stuff (and the ones you don’t usually use) at the bottom and the lighter and frequently used ones at the top for a balanced shelf. No one will know there’s something in there until you pull something out!

Add Hooks

If your sink happens to have a cabinet underneath (or if you are planning to add one), don’t forget to chip in our reliable hooks!

Your local home improvement or hardware store has lots of variations for you to choose from. From double hooks, swag hooks, single coat hooks, or stick-on utility hooks, the options are endless. Drill them directly into the wood or install a rod where you can hang them!

Hooks are perfect for bulky items so they won’t take up much space. You can also hang your cleaning supplies like brushes, dish rags, and gloves!

Magazine Racks

Here’s another tip: you can also use it as magazine storage in your bathroom for a clean, clutter-free reach!

Tension Rods

You can now hang your spray bottles and use the space below!

Cleaning Caddy or Lazy Susan

Wanting to add something fancy but functional? Convert the space under your sink into a lazy Susan cabinet! Not only that it allows you to store much in a compact space, but it will also help in the organization of your items.

You can easily see each item with a simple turn, twist, or pull. Plus, you can also add labels!

Vertical Divider Shelves

By adding vertical divider shelves, not only that you are utilizing the space under your sink but it will also make pulling your desired tray a lot easier!

Under-the-Sink Rolls

Simply cut your unused curtain rods into pieces that fit inside the space under your kitchen sink. Or, you can totally buy them from your hardware store if you want to skip the handwork.

Pulling fresh trash bags is now made easier and faster!

Stackable Plastic Bins

Just make sure to add labels so you won’t get things mixed up!

Wire Baskets

You can easily store items in varying sizes in this hack while adding a visual appeal to your kitchen!

Pull-out Drawers

Easily transfer items down there for less-crammed and spacious kitchen drawers!

Shelves for Pots and Pans

More spaces for less clutter

Of course, it’s such a sight to see when you finally installed and placed everything inside. But it would be a disaster if you’re being too careless when taking things out or chucking things back inside.

And as our cleaning and storing experts say, don’t forget to label everything — well, most of them. Adding labels will help you distinguish which is which from seemingly identical items, like cleaning powders and detergents.

With this list of under-the-sink storage hacks, we hope you found something that empty space of yours into a wonderland. So, head on to your local home improvement or hardware store and start working like magic under the sink!



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