How to Take Care of Your Wooden Furniture?

Vanny Sanclaria
4 min readAug 11, 2022


Wooden furniture are great additions to your living space because of their design and functionality. However, no matter how strong and durable these furniture are, they are still prone to scratches, and the common wear and tear due to everyday use. So, just like your household appliances, wooden furniture need some care, too.

Good thing is, even with simple and minimal maintenance, you can prolong the life and beauty of your furniture. We’ve curated simple tips and ways to help you with the upkeep of these precious home décors and furniture!

Use tablecloths

Tablecloths, aside from being decorative pieces, also serve as a shield or protective covering to your wooden table when put hot or cold stuff like coffee or tea on top of them. And speaking of drinks, always use coasters when placing drinks as the heat and moisture will react to the wood surface, causing discolorations and ‘rings.’

Avoid exposure to outside elements

The heat coming from the sun may affect the condition and nature of your wooden furniture. The temperature of the summer sun can reach up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, hot enough to cook and destroy fine finishes. Destroyed finishes may cause to wood shrink and eventually form cracks. So, for good measure, make sure that your wooden furniture isn’t regularly exposed to direct heat of the sun

Likewise, dry heat coming from heating units and vents can cause the same effect of shrinking and cracking so it’s best to put your wooden furniture far away as possible from these areas. Use a humidifier to maintain the proper moisture level inside your living space during the hot and dry months.

Clean with warm water

When it comes to cleaning your wooden furniture, use a solution of warm water and mild soap. Avoid using abrasive cleaners as it will corrode and destroy the protective coating of your furniture.

While the water won’t cause serious damage to the furniture, be careful not to let it soak as excess moisture will cause it to expand and eventually deteriorate. The extra moisture may also invite fungi which is also harmful to the furniture.

Remove dirt and grime from the surface using lint-free cloths, paper towels, or old newspapers. Then, finally wipe with a soft cloth to remove residual moisture. Use soft-bristled toothbrush for hard-to-reach areas and crevices.

Use soft paste wax

After a good and vigorous clean, it’s time to add a protective layer of covering to it. Use soft paste wax to protect your furniture’s finish. Make sure to follow the instructions on the label of your wax.

Adding wax and buffing your wooden furniture will give it a nice luster that will last for months. Other people prefer oiling but it will still give the same effect!

Keep your pets away

As much as we love our pets to roam around and explore our house, it is advisable to keep them away from your furniture as their nails could scratch the fine finish. Much worse, they could bite pretty good chunks off your furniture!

Touch up with shoe polish

Cover chippings and scratches (which usually happens at the foot of the furniture) using same-colored shoe polish. Felt-tip markers work like magic as well!

Avoid resting your feet on top

Want a nice, relaxing stretch after a hard day’s work? Before you put your feet up in the air and land them on top of your wooden table, think twice. You may unintentionally scratch the surface with the embellishments or the sharp edges of your shoes

Stay fresh

Some wooden furniture, as it olds, may emit a not-so-pleasing stench. Keep them smelling fresh by sprinkling some baking soda. You can also put bits of charcoal inside chambers and drawers to help absorb the foul odor.

Put quality first

When shopping for wooden furniture, make sure to prioritize the quality of the wood. Make sure to inspect every corner, insides, and undersides. Storeowners will always put the best qualities out forward and hide unpleasant ones.

Leave it to the pros

Sometimes we may think of renovating, redecorating, and repurposing antique furniture. However, it’s best to leave such task to the pros as doing projects you are inexperienced at might destroy your prized possession.

Even the manufacturer where you bought such home décor have instructions on how to maintain them. Be sure to carefully follow them so that your furniture will last for years, even decades.

So, there you have it! With these tips, we hope that your wooden furniture will last longer than you first expected it. And who know? Maybe it will see and welcome a new generation. And it all boils down to how you will take care of it!