Strong demands for Real Estate amidst the Pandemic?

Photo by Yosep Surahman on Unsplash

November, 2020 is when most of the real estate companies, agencies, and brokerages fell on their knees during the time of pandemic. This might be one of the biggest loss, undeniably, in the Philippine real estate segments as the sales began to slow down.

Factors affecting the buyer’s intention was increased and most probably now inclined with the instances brought by the pandemic such as the air quality and interior safety.

A year later and then a light shines through. The demand for Real Estate slowly increased. Property Investors rush through out of nowhere and are starting to invest in house and lots once again. Home buyers are eager to ask for computations and site tripping is now possible. This is true, at least with the perspective of Vistaland International Marketing.

I have interviewed one of the sales and marketing personnel of VIMI and they are proud to announce that the demand for real estate, for them, is increasing as the year ends.

As we hope to bring the Real Estate lives back to flourish once again, everyone is still coping up with what happened to continue with the new normal.

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