Weird Food Combinations that Surprisingly Go Well Together

Do you like drizzling ketchup on your fried egg? Or are you part of the pineapple on pizza population? We sure do have our own preferences when it comes to food combinations. But the people of the internet sure do have ways of surprising us with even weird and crazy food combos that will surely make your eyebrows raise in suspicion. But stay put! These people guarantee and swear that these food pairs really go well together! And the verdict? It’s up to you to decide!

Check out this list of food which are polar opposites in nature but will create fireworks in your taste buds when fused! Or maybe not?

Just a bit of a warning, things are about to get weird!

Combo #1

Ice Cream and Fries

This one, I guarantee you, is a match made in heaven! This is one of my personal favorite and one of my go-to snacks! The saltiness of the French fries balances well with the sweetness of the ice cream, creating an explosion of flavor you wish you’d discovered sooner. Plus, the heat of the fries is dancing with the coldness of the dessert. Who doesn’t want a party in their mouth?

Not convinced yet? Why not head out to the nearest McDonalds and put your taste buds to the test!

Combo #2

Coca-Cola and Chicken

This is not your typical fried chicken meal with a cola drink on the side type of combo. I mean, you’ll fry your chicken with the cola! This food combo is very popular in Hong Kong with its salty-sweet flavor fused in the chicken skin and meat.

Combo #3

Coca-Cola and Red Wine

Looks like Coca-Cola has another entry on this list, but this time, our famous beverage is paired with wine. An extremely popular drink in Spain, Calimocho or Kalimotxo is a concoction of half of a 2-liter Coke and a bottle of red wine. Serve it with lots of ice and you now have a new favorite summer drink!

Combo #4

Pringles and Whipped Cream

Heading for a cozy night of Netflix and chill? Why not add Pringles and whipped cream to your snack list? You’ll surely finish munching on this classic salty-sweet combo first before you could pick out which series or movie to watch! Go on, take seconds!

Combo #5

Cereal and Orange Juice

Say goodbye to your ol’ friend milk and hop into the trend of pouring orange juice into your bowl of cereal. This beverage goes well with lighter-sugar cereals. So when you found yourself caught in a desperate, midnight snack situation, orange and juice and cereal is one of the best options to go!

Combo #6

Peanut butter-Banana-Bacon Trio

Who says you can only combine two foods together? Peanut butter and banana is sure a classic, but chipping in bacon into the feast is a real-game changer! Just squeeze this wonderful mix of sweet and savory in between bread and fry! Elvis Presley approves!

Combo #7

Peanut Butter and Burger

Now that we’ve mentioned peanut butter, why not try adding some dollops of it into your burger? You may think this is weird but in fact, peanut butter burger is extremely popular in Indiana and is slowly creeping up into the menus of various burger joints in New York City.

Peanut butter — depending on the type you’d use, will add crunchiness or juiciness to your beef patty. No one wants a burger without a spread, but for a more extreme take, try adding peanut butter next time you make one!

Combo #8

Apples with Salt & Pepper

Upgrade your afternoon snack with this mix of sweet, salty and spice! Everything will surely taste nice! Cue in Salt Bae!

Combo #9

Prosciutto and Melon

Level up your favorite prosciutto by wrapping it around melon or cantaloupe slices! This is a perfect snack on a hot summer day with the moisture of the fruit combined with the saltiness of the cured ham.

This fusion of cold, moist foods and hot, dry foods has been a tradition during the Roman times and is believed to boost the immune system! A yummy and healthy snack in one!

Combo #10

Chicken and Pickle Brine

After enjoying that Coca-Cola Chicken, it’s time to delight your taste buds with this combo! The pickle brine keeps the meat tender and juicy while preserving its flavor. Go ahead and create your homemade Chick-Fil-A chicken!

Combo #11

Watermelon and Salt

This combo is an all-time favorite childhood snack of mine. Drizzle a generous amount of salt onto your freshly-cut watermelon for that enhanced sweet, fruity taste! Don’t worry about the salt drying out the watermelon as it completely does the opposite. Also, the condiment lessens the bitter taste of the fruit, so you’ll only get that upgraded level of sweetness!

Combo #12

Strawberry and Basil

Adding to our growing list of fruity pairs comes in strawberry and basil! This combo is phenomenal in drinks like lemonade or mocktails but it can also give magic to ice creams, cakes, salads, and even jams! The recipes in which you can add this exceptional pair are virtually infinite!

Combo #13

Mango and Chili Powder

Whether you love spicy foods or you just want to enjoy a nice serving of ripe mango, this food combo may be your next favorite thing!

Combo #14

Sriracha and Peanut Butter

Tired of that same old peanut butter and jelly for breakfast? Spice things up by replacing the jam with sriracha! Enjoy that sweet sriracha aftertaste with the spiciness toned down by the peanut butter. This combo is simple and straightforward, just put it in between your toast and you’re good to go!

Combo #15

Hot Sauce and Ice Cream

Your typical sweet and fruity ice cream serve needs a spicy kick. And here comes hot sauce to the rescue! Experience that battle of freeze and burn with this weird but satisfyingly good combo!

Can’t get enough of these food pairs? There’s a whole lot of them for you to choose from!

• Butter and sugar cube

• Peanut butter and pickle

• Cheddar cheese on apple pie

• Rice and ketchup (Yes, this food combo do exist)

• Bacon and honey

• Pizza topped with Nutella and M&Ms

• Vanilla Ice Cream and Soy Sauce

• Green Apple and Salsa

• Bloody Mary and Steak

• Ketchup and Ranch Dressing

Which of these food combos have you tried? And which of these food combos you don’t have any intention of trying? Whatever your preference may be, we’re sure that there’s a perfect pair that will surely suit your taste!



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